About Lodestone

A unique and evolving collection of interior objects. Including handmade furniture, artwork and textiles.  

Founded by Nicole Mayhew, a Sculptor, Painter, Designer and avid traveller based out of Brooklyn, NY.  After working for years creating and showcasing her own work in gallery locations that include Chelsea, NY and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She worked alongside artists and architects building large-scale art installations and interior spaces. From there she moved into the film/production world as a scenic artist and prop stylist, and freelanced in visual merchandising for Ralph Lauren and Bergdorf Goodman.  Always finding a way to travel, and after having been to over 35 countries, Lodestone was created from her ultimate desire to create a "feel good" place of specialty objects made with love and care.  And to live through the continuous passion for travel, making and sharing.  

Lodestone is another word for magnetite, a naturally magnetic stone. 

The store honors the soulful and hand-made, it supports artisans and collaboration around the world.      


Return Policy:

Lodestone does not accept returns*   

*On Martha's Vineyard, we allow returns within 24 hours, as long as pieces are in their original condition.